Complete range of rupture discs


ERIKS has a complete range of rupture discs available

On top of its range of safety valves, ERIKS also has a complete range of bursting discs available. A bursting disc consists of a thin sheet or membrane, which is constructed in such a manner that it will burst at a pressure value that is known in advance. 

Properties of rupture discs 

  • Light in weight and with a limited overall dimension
  • Simple design, no moving parts & low maintenance required
  • 100% seal
  • Short response time for complete opening
  • The only practical solution for large bores and very low pressure, which can be used with virtually any solution.

Rupture disc combination

A rupture disc/ safety valve combination is used when environmentally harmful, toxic or viscous substances must be protected as this combination provides the highest degree of density. Safety valves and rupture discs are also tested as a combination.
Optionally a pressure gauge can also be provided as a control instrument.


Complete package

ERIKS has a complete range of rupture discs available to ensure that an appropriate choice can be made for any application, consisting of;


  • Conventional preformed rupture discs (convex)
  • Pre-slit rupture disc (flat or convex)
  • Pre-slit reverse rupture disc (convex)
  • Graphite rupture disc (flat)
  • Compound or composite rupture disc (flat or convex)

ERIKS also provides a complete range of rupture disc holders, also for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and optical, inductive to magnetic rupture disc indicators. 
Intrinsically safe indicators are available for use in Ex-zones.

If you would like more information about the type that is most suitable for your purposes, please contact our product specialists.


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