Econ® Tubular Level Gauge


Complete range Econ® Tubular Level Gauges

ERIKS now offers a complete package of glass tube level gauges.
The Econ® package consists of a complete range of brass and stainless steel Level Gauges both in a threaded and flanged version, with or without shut-off valves or self-closing shut-off valves by means of a push button.


The major advantages of the Econ® Tubular Level Gauge program is the compactness of the gauges, due to the modular design and the unique adapter centre to centre distances up to 4 meters are possible. The gauges can be supplied with acrylic measuring tube or a borosilicate glass tube for higher temperatures or more aggressive media. For additional protection of the glass tube we offer an unique perspex cover.


  • Max working pressure 5 bar
  • Max. temp. brass 80°C, max. temp. stainless steel 150°C.
  • Connection sizes ½” BSP threaded or DN20 PN16 flanged.


  • ​Water
  • Oil
  • Gasoline
  • Light chemical applications

Besides the Econ® Tubular Level Gauges ERIKS also offers a complete range of other level indicators, such as Econ® reflex level gauges and Econ® magnetically level indicators.

If you require more information regarding applications within your company or other questions in the field of  Tubular Level Gauges, please contact our Technical Advisor Level Gauges.

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