ERIKS sets Azerbaijani floating dock in operation


ERIKS sets Azerbaijani floating dock in operation

In cooperation with its local representative Marine Technics, ERIKS acquired a contract for the design, engineering and installation of six hydraulic ballast systems for a non-driven standalone floating dry dock. 

Collaborating parties

The dock, which consists of six metal pontoons that must be capable of being ballasted separately, was designed by Sea Tech from Nizhniy Novgorod, following commissioning by the Azerbaijan State Caspian Shipping Company, and it was built at the Gorodets Shipyard. After delivery the dock - which is suitable for vessels of up to 8,000 tons - - will be operated by the Ship Repair Yard in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Hydraulically operated ballast systems

Initially the design company provided for a manually operated ballast system for their project 28140, but ERIKS and Marine Technics managed to convince the designer and the client of the numerous benefits that hydraulic remote controlled valve systems (RCV systems) from ERIKS would provide. “After securing the contract for the supply of six of these systems, we closely collaborated with the Russian design company on the design,” explained Export Sales Manager Jasper van Wagtendonk of ERIKS. “The fact that it was ultimately decided to use our high quality valve systems is partly due to the good relationship that exists between our agent, the shipyard and the client. ERIKS naturally also offered additional added value such as a short lead time and a good price/quality ratio. We have also proven that we are capable of finding solutions by providing our technical advice.” 


Comprehensive service

ERIKS also provides the technical support required. Van Wagtendonk: “The six pontoons were transported piece by piece from the Gorodets Shipyard to the Baku Ship Repair Yard in Baku where they are to be connected to each other. At present our own technicians are working very hard in Azerbaijan to connect all of the systems so that they function optimally, because we also want to distinguish ourselves when it comes to after sales service!”

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