Leser-Api 526 safety valves


Complete range of Leser® API 526 safety valves

Leser has developed a complete range of safety valves within the API 526 design standards.

Safety valves are the last mechanical devices to protect your installation. An overpressure in your system must always be released safely in order to prevent explosions or other disasters. Due to the unique design of the inner parts the Leser API 526 offers you more operational reliability, longer service life and – because of fewer components - it saves you on maintenance.


Complete range

Leser® offers the complete range with valve sizes from 1”x 2” to 8”x 10” in many ratings such as Class 150 x 150, 300 x 150 up to 2500 x 300 and from orifice sizes D to T. Leser® goes even beyond the API-526 range by offering many prevalent combinations outside the standard flange ratings - such as 300 x 300 or 600 x 300.

Special applications

If you have applications with harsh media or a corrosive environment, then safety valves can be supplied in various special materials. Leser has come up with a unique system for this so that you only need to purchase those components made of special material that are required for your respective application, such as the nozzle only or complete trim.  The body can then be supplied in a suitable standard material.

Leser's unique special alloy concept 


Leser® design features Advantages
in operation and for the user
Single trim for 3 different media phases (gas, steam, liquid) Less components, easier maintenance, less parts on stock.
One-piece spindle Better alignment, lower mass
The single spindle allows widely spaced top and bottom guides Better alignment, less friction
Adjustment screw equipped with PTFE sleeve guide Less friction, longer operating life
Needle bearing between the adjustment screw and the upper spring plate No distortion of the spring, easier and more precise setting
Top and bottom guided nozzle Beter alignment of the nozzle, better sealing
Hardened disc from Class 300. Class 600 and higher also stellited nozzle Longer operating life
Self draining body design No dirt deposition, less corrosion
Each body is equipped with supporting brackets Easier handling and installation of heavy safety valves. Safety valves can be supported to absorb reaction forces during discharge
Optional: Compensation bellows. Bellows are protected by the bonnet spacer                                                          Longer operating life, no leakage into spindle head


For extra information about the API-526 range, applications at your company or for other questions concerning safety valves, please contact our specialists.
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