Leser Pilot Operated Safety Valves

High-pressure Pilot Operated Safety Valve


ERIKS expands its assortment with the new high-pressure Pilot Operated Safety Valve

ERIKS introduces the new Leser high-pressure Pilot Operated Safety Valve (POSV) which makes pressure settings of up to 256 bar/3705 PSIG possible. POSVs have the unique characteristic of enabling work extremely close to the calibrated pressure and of guaranteeing closure to within 97% of the pressure setting - advantageous for the continuity and effectiveness of your plant. 

In addition, POSVs are smaller and lighter than traditional pressure relief valves - without doubt, a significant advantage on drilling platforms.


For applications with corrosive media, the high-pressure POSV can be equipped with a Full-Nozzle, increasing the POSV's lifespan and keeping purchasing costs low.

Options such as “sealing plates” for increased sealing requirements and for use under extremely low temperatures, or special gaskets to counter Explosive Decompression (ED-design), important in the petrochemical industry for pressures above 100 bar, are possible.

It is also possible to select from among flange combinations that are not specified in the API-526 but that are used often in practice, such as inlet/discharge Class 300x 300 or 600x300.

Areas of application

  • Offshore: compact dimensions, low weight and no leakage in connection with fire danger
  • Gas compressors: stand up well to vibration
  • Downstream oil and gas industry: high back pressures


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