Pentair Haffmans

Thinking together with Pentair Haffmans results in the development of the new Econ® ball valves

Pentair Haffmans in Venlo develops and delivers measurement and control equipment and CO2 systems to the brewing, soft drink, wine, bio-ethanol and biogas industries. This multinational has offices in more than 150 countries and has a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. For the supply of valves and other appendages, the company has worked with ERIKS Econosto for years. "We supply large installations worldwide and for this reason we need a partner that offers a broad assortment and that is capable of thinking along with us", explains Jeroen Driessen, Projects & Engineering Manager AT Pentair Haffmans. "Collaboration in an early phase - by means of co-engineering to arrive at a solution - is essential for this".

Pentair Haffmans uses many three-way ball valves in its systems. Driessen: "The assembly of these used to cost a considerable amount time because the ball valves had to be aligned in the pipeline before they could be welded. That's why we asked ERIKS Econosto to come up with a solution that would decrease assembly time”. Gerard Heesterbeek, Sales Manager for Valves and Instrumentation at ERIKS Econosto: "To respond to this challenge, we developed a ball valve with welding junctures that can rotate freely through 360°. The butt ends for welding can be set to any position desired by using separate flanges; they can then be welded to the pipeline. Finally, the ball valve is fitted into the proper position".

Extensively tested with excellent results

Naturally, both ERIKS Econosto and Pentair Haffmans tested the prototypes developed extensively. An independent institute also conducted a successful test with CO2 at a temperature of 66°C. The definitive design of the so-called QUICK-WELD ball valve is equipped with a high-value standardised extension spindle, allowing manual and activated operation and it satisfies all requirements.

Real-world experience: 30% reduction of installation time

Driessen is enthusiastic about the final result: "A 30% time saving in installation time is a fact. The marginal additional cost with respect to a standard ball valve is earned back very quickly!"

Bespoke solutions

"This project also demonstrates that we are increasingly capable of providing total solutions", Hesterbeek emphasises. "Our assortment includes not only valves and other appendages, for example, but also all the components for their automation. So we supply these QUICK-WELD ball valves also including Econ® pneumatic actuators and Econ® switch boxes (conventional or in EX-series), completely assembled interested in workshops. In other words: we deliver solutions instead of components". 


Product information

In response to Pentair Haffmans' request, ERIKS Econosto has now developed a complete range of stainless steel QUICK-WELD ball valves with freely rotatable butt ends for welding. These are equipped with an ISO installation table for rapid installation of Econ® activation, for example.


  • Simple installation: up to 30% time saving!
  • Self-positioning and 360° freedom in positioning
  • Easy to automate
  • Can be installed with V-port as a control valve
  • In-stock delivery

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