SBM Offshore New Build FPSO

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SBM Offshore is one of the major players in the oil and gas market, mainly as an manufacturer of FPSO's (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) as well as terminals.

With over 9.600 employees worldwide, spread over five main locations, several construction bases and on the offshore FPSO fleet, SBM can provide any and all services for offshore oilproduction. This starts from engineering up and until procurement, construction and exploitation of FPSOs.

The SBM Group set an operational target for her business activities to be performed with a long-term low-impact on the environment, in coöperation with the people and companies in the coutries where the installations are constructed and exploited. 

SBM and ERIKS developed a long-term relationship, in which ERIKS supplies a significant part of the flow-related products on board of these FPSOs. SBM currently has three major construction projects for FPSOs, in which ERIKS supplies so-called ESD, or Emergency Shutdown Valves.

These valves are implemented as a safety system which in case of an incident or emergency stop the production process within seconds, this to restore the safe situation on board.

These ESD's are built-up from Double Block & Bleed (DBB) ball valves with spring-closing actuators. When selecting the combinations, a great deal of situations were taken into account, such as operational performance and installation in offshore environments. This resulted in the fact that all controlpanels and their components were produced in full RVS316 materials. 

The combinations of valves and actuators are assembled in our workshop and 100% tested on pressure and operation, especially focusing on the required closing times for the valves.
Valves are supplied on many different pressure classes (up and until 2500#) and in this specific project even until 10.000 psi (1035 bar!).




ERIKS services and supply contained the following aspects:
  • Calculating the valve-actuator combinations based on the provided specifications;
  • Assembly and testing of all valuve-actuator combinations;
  • Certification and managing certification by classification handlers;
  • Implementing the valves in the productive processes (where needed);
  • Supply of complete data dictionaries including drawings, diagrams, operating instructions and certificates of all supplied products.
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