VE dual expanding plug valve

The VE® Dual Expanding Plug Valve is a well recognized brand and accepted by most of the leading industrial companies in the field of tank storage, refinery, bulk loading, naval and aviation, refuelling- and metering systems.

Double Block and Bleed solution

For many years different valves and valve combinations have been used as a solution for blocking and bleeding, sampling or draining lines. Traditional valves (gate) or valve combinations can degrade over time and result in loss of product and frequent maintenance. Unlike other valve types, the VE® Dual Expanding plug valve creates an optimum seal without causing any abrasion and wear. 

Vopak Westpoort DBB Double Expanding Plug Valve


Providing a “zero-leakage” solution, upstream and downstream, securing a long life-time of the seals and valve, as well as a low opening- and closing torque. The standard seal material is Viton A. However several options have been developed for various applications; (H)NBR, and other Fluor elastomers like Viton B or Viton GF. Multi-Seal ERT is specially developed for high chemical resistance. This unique design is combined with a bleed function, all in one valve, saving space as well as providing a reliable, safe and economical solution.
The VE® Valves are manufactured by highly skilled personnel in the Eriks-VE factory in Bilbao Spain, ensuring our customers and the environment a safe and reliable valve solution. Eriks-VE is ISO 9001 licensed, PED/CE certified and API 6D approved.
Working Principle VE® Double Block & Bleed expanding plug valve 

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