Self-cleaning filter F450 operation


Self-cleaning filter for general applications, intended for unmanned and continuous processes. Suitable for coarse and fine filtration in pressure pipes, the filter can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Dirt collected by the filter is automatically removed, without having to shut down the entire processes. The cleaning cycle is automatically activated through the pressure difference between the clean and the polluted side of the filter screen, which depends on the quantity of dirt collected. Alternatively the cycle can also be set with an adjustable timer, independent of the pressure difference.

During the cleaning cycle the dirt accumulated in the filter is discharged with a small amount of medium through a pneumatically operated butterfly valve to a separate waste discharge pipe.
During the cleaning cycle the filter effect is retained and the process continues uninterrupted.
The internal parts of the filter do not make any mechanical contact, which limits wear and tear to a minimum.

The filter is standard equipped with an electronic control unit and is available in two models:


  • A “stand-alone” version;
  • A version suitable for integration into building management systems.
    • This model includes an extensive logging function, which provides the option to control the filter and change settings remotely.
The self-cleaning filter is available for capacities from 25 to 5000 m3/h.

Material Specifications

Component  Variants
 Housing  and Lit  Galvanized steel
 Fibreglass-reinforced polyester
 Stainless steel
 Screen  AISI 316L
 AISI 316Ti
 Super Duplex®
 Flush valve  Pneumatically operated butterfly valve with stainless  steel butterfly and EPDM liner
 Seal cover  NBR


Pressure and temperature range

Properties Value
 Working pressure  0,6 to 10 bar
 Temperature (Fibreglass-reinforced polyester)  Max. 40ºC
 Temperatuur (Stainless steel)  Max. 80ºC



From 0.15 mm to 10 mm


  • Explosion-proof control box
  • Electrically operated flush valve
  • Screen in Titanium or Super Duplex®
  • Various housing materials

The above video shows the operation of the self-cleaning filter
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